This Video Perfectly Explains Why Clubbing Is The Absolute Worst


On point.

When I was younger, I ended up going to the club all the time, but that was because the bars and pubs would close at 11:30, so if you wanted to do something else then there was no other option. These days, places are open later and my forays to the club are few and far between – of course that could just be because I’m older too, who knows?

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Anyway, the reasons I don’t want to go to the club are pretty obvious: it’s too loud to actually talk to anyone, it’s full of so many people that you can’t move, you have to queue to get in and to get a drink, it’s hella expensive and it’s basically a shit time. This video pretty much sums all that up perfectly and way more amusingly than I ever could:

Yep, you gotta love Casually Explained. Pretty much nails it every single time and that is the perfect rendition of heading to the club. Should probably hit one up this weekend and do it all again.

For more clubs, check out this footage of some ravers exiting a club in New York back in 1993. Looks way more fun back then.


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