This Video Of An Eel Alive On A Korean BBQ Is The Worst Thing You’ll See All Day

Eel on Barbeque


Reddit user Sippingin uploaded this disturbing video of a skinned eel wriggling around on a heated barbecue in Seoul, South Korea.

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Some people speculate that the thing is dead and it is only jibbing out because it was sprinkled with salt but coming from someone who has lived in South Korea, I would bet my money on the fact that it is probably alive.

Even if it was dead, why the hell would you want to eat something that was only seconds ago writhing around looking like it still had life in it. That’s not appetising at all. That is straight up GROSS.

Anyway, here you go:

Yeah sorry about that. That was not so pleasant was it? As said, I don’t know who would find that sort of thing a good pre-dinner form of entertainment. Even just watching that from a computer screen has put me off — water for dinner tonight I think.

Animal rights activists would be all over this one — imagine if these annoying vegans managed to make their way to this restaurant. They’d have a field day.


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