These Vegans Crashing A Steakhouse And Interrupting Everyone’s Meals Are The Absolute WORST

Introducing the most insufferable collection of human beings on the planet.

I’ve got no real issue with vegans, aside from the fact that many of them are pretentious morons who use veganism as a dietary restriction to mask their eating disorders.

But as annoying as those vegans are, they’re nothing compared to this crew that rocked up to this steakhouse and interrupted everyone’s meals with their annoying protest:

What a bunch of insufferable prats. How is doing that going to help the vegan cause whatsoever? Not to mention the “dog meat” idiot totally made up that quote from the waitress when addressing the diners – sneaky.

My advice is don’t pay attention to idiots like these, but if you are serious about switching up your diet here are 3 pro-vegetarian arguments nobody can argue with.


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