This Video Of A Bullshark Attacking A Spear Fisherman Is Absolutely Terrifying



Spear fishing does look like it would be a fun time, but when you think of all the variables that could go wrong with it, maybe it isn’t worth it unless you’ve had a lot of training.

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I think the fact that 35-year-old Kerry Daniel is extremely experienced in the art is the only reason he managed to get out of the situation in the video below alive. In it, he’s minding his own business spear fishing off the coast of north Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef, when out of nowhere a bullshark decides to ram him.

Fortunately he’s able to ram his spear gun into the shark’s mouth before it makes contact with him, but man is it a close one. It’s even more nerve wracking at the start of the video where he’s just swimming around when you know that the shark is going to pounce any second.

See what I mean? That fucker literally comes out of nowhere and I’m surprised he reacted quick enough to get that spear gun in his mouth. Good thing he had so many years spear fishing experience that he knew exactly what to do.

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