This Russian Beauty Queen Went Missing In Dubai After Flying There To Sell Her Virginity For £10,000


Apparently it’s a common trend unfortunately.

Losing your virginity is normally a pretty scary, awkward experience, but it would probably be made a thousand times worse if you were losing it to someone who had paid big bucks for the privilege.

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Unfortunately though, it seems like this is a worrying new trend going on in the Middle East as illustrated in the story of a Russian beauty queen who flew over there and was allegedly paid £10,000 to lose her virginity.

She had come second in the Miss Moscow beauty pageant and the prize was a two day trip to Dubai with her friends. Once over there, she revealed her plans and encouraged her friends to join her too – they weren’t interested though:


I flew there because she was invited and said it was the prize in the competition.

After a couple of days of shopping and relaxing with her, the scandal occurred and I found out why we were there.

I made it clear to her that I am not going to stay here and will fly home.

But she pressured me. She begged me not to fly and leave her alone, but such work is not necessary for me.

Some girls left but the beauty queen with two other girls who had travelled to Dubai for the same reason as her. They all hoped to sell their virginity and then work as escorts for a hell of a lot of cash.


The beauty queen was later reported missing by her mother. The pair had kept in contact but only via text and the girl refused to send pictures of herself to prove that she was in good health and not trapped in some sex dungeon or something.

Eventually she returned to Moscow, but it’s unclear how long she was in Dubai for and whether or not her plan came to fruition. Kinda thinking it probably did though if her mother was so concerned that she reported her missing.

Nevertheless apparently this kind of thing is prevalent in Russia, with many people from the Middle East advertising on the Russian equivalent of Facebook for people to cover over there and lose their virginity, with some going for as high as £23,800. Absolutely gross – is fucking a virgin even that good in the first place? – and the sooner that practice is stopped, the better. I’ve a feeling it will be a long time though.

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