This Psychotic Bushman Takes Live Octopus Eating To A Whole New Level



It’s often said that there are ways to kill animals so that we can eat them in completely humane ways. However, this video shows the complete opposite of that idea. In fact, it might just be the most screwed up and malicious way of killing an animal I’ve seen in a while.

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The video shows a guy named Josh James who styles himself as ‘The Kiwi Bushman’ demonstrating how best to kill an octopus after you’ve caught one: by biting it right between the eyes because that’s where its brain is. True to form, the octopus stops wiggling after this dude literally bites its brain out. Yuck:

Yeah I mean, I suppose I’ve eaten octopus before and it might have been killed in a similar way, but it does seem rather unnecessary for this dude to bite into its brain. I don’t know much about dying, but that seems like an absolutely horrible and disgusting way to go.

I can’t really criticise though because I eat fish and meat and I suppose killing any intelligent life is essentially the same, no matter how brutal. Still, think this guy is a bit of a fucker though.

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