This Plastic Surgeon Has Sculpted His Wife Into The ‘Perfect Woman’


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Plastic surgery is pretty gross, but for a lot of celebrities and people that are worried about their bodies and looks as they grow old it’s kind of a necessity. If your husband just so happens to be a plastic surgeon though, it’s a lot easier for everyone involved as you don’t have to pay any money and the guy is going to know exactly how you want to look.

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That’s the story that 47 year old Miami native Philip Craft is rocking. It seems like he was always desperate to perform operations on his wife Anna to make her look better, but she initially refused. It was only after the births of their two sons that she agreed, and since then Philip has performed a breast enlargement procedure, liposuction, enhancements to her backside, waist and abdominal sculpting on her as well as Botox, cheek and lip fillers.

As a result, Craft believes he’s created the perfect woman – check out this video interview with the pair of them below:

Ugh it’s just so creepy the way he’s looking at her and talking about her throughout the video isn’t it? “I knew she was the one I had to get, she was my model for the world,” is one of the most icky things I think I’ve ever heard anyone say, like he ‘created’ her and she looks exactly like he wanted her to. I’m getting the shudders just thinking about it.

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