This Peking Duk Fan Got Backstage with the Band by Using Wikipedia

How to get backstage with your favourite band.

Not everyone’s heard of Australian electronic music duo Peking Duk, but pretty much everyone with an internet connection has heard of Wikipedia.

At a recent concert, Peking Duk super fan David Spargo was so keen to get up close and personal with band members Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles that he managed to edit a Wikipedia entry stating that was a family member.

Quite literally, he just added the words:

Family David Spargo.

In his quest to experience the VIP lounge at Peking Duk’s Melbourne gig, Spargo made the Wikipedia edit while in the queue to get backstage — he then showed it to the show’s security guard, who didn’t suspect a thing.

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Once Spargo managed to fool event security and get himself an honourary AAA pass, he actually went onto have beers with the band — and when he told them how he’d got into the green room, Adam Hyde had this to say:

It was probably the most genius, mastermind move that I’ve ever witnessed, it’s crazy. He just did it on the spot, in a second on his phone.

The band also said they consider Spargo an absolute legend and he even managed to get Hyde’s phone number — a pretty good score for a full on super fan. After he punched those digits into his phone, it may have looked a little something like this:

Apparently Wikipedia takes this kind of thing seriously and in their page, simply titled List of Hoaxes on Wikipedia, states:

Short-lived hoaxes are innumerable and so we do not normally track them.

Of course, as this information has been published on Wikipedia, we’ll probably have to take that with a pinch of salt too.

David Spargo has now been removed as a family member on Peking Duk’s Wiki page, but he will always remember the time he got to hang out with the boys in the band.


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