This New Kim Kardashian Robbery Conspiracy Theory Is The Craziest One Yet



A lot of eyebrows were raised when Kim Kardashian was supposedly robbed at her Paris home the other month.

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People wondered how a bunch of crooks could even come within touching distance of a woman with more security than the Queen, and also questioned the timing of the incident (like one week before her new TV series started) and the conspicuous lack of CCTV evidence.

Well how about this for a theory – Kim Kardashian’s robbery was staged so that she could quietly disappear to get a “butt reduction” and recover in peace.

Admittedly, her butt is looking LOADS smaller in these recent pics:

Kim has barely been seen since the robbery took place, and her social media accounts have also been quiet. However, her app continually gets updated.

The Twitter world seems to be in agreement that Kim snuck off for some top secret butt surgery:

Well, the proof’s in the pudding – her butt does look a lot smaller than it did only a few months ago. You can bet the bank that this whole thing was masterminded by Kris Jenner, although I don’t know why she wouldn’t just announce that Kim’s getting a butt reduction since anyone with eyes can see the difference anyway. Just distracting us all with stories about Paris robberies while her daughter sneaks off to get the fat sucked out of his arse cheeks.

Makes you wonder if Kanye West’s live reaction to the robbery was also staged…


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