Watch Kanye West Storm Off Stage After Hearing Kim Was Being Held At Gunpoint



So over the weekend the dreaded rat pack that is the Kardashians was bringing down the caliber of Paris by visiting for fashion week.

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According to reports, while they were over there, Kim Kardashian was attacked, tied up and held at gunpoint in the residence she was staying in, as a group of men stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry. They made their way into her home by disguising themselves as police officers.

Meanwhile, her husband Kanye was performing in New York at the time. During his “hit” song (sounds like all of the other bullshit songs that he’s produced) he actually stopped mid-set when he heard what the news to go and find out what had happened:

Dude, I know it’s messed up that anyone should be held at gunpoint or whatever, but can we please just take a moment to recognise how fucking ludicrous Kanye’s autotune on his mic is. I know that’s part of his production style, but it’s just disturbing that this shit gets passed as music these days. Sounds like utter noise.

Whatever happened to the great times of David Bowie and The Clash? Those days are long gone and I’m not happy about it.


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