This Little Kid Did Some A+ Trolling At The London Marathon On The Weekend

What an absolute savage.

A whole bunch of people running the London Marathon on the weekend were made to feel like right wallies after this little kid wearing a jacket over his head went on a merciless trolling spree.

The kid was filmed offering high-fives on the side of the road, only to cruelly snatch his hand away at the last moment.

He trolls 4 people in quick succession in this clip alone.

Watch below:

Got ‘em! Those runners got completely owned. Just goes to show it’s not always about big, elaborate YouTube pranks that need time and effort to pull off. Sometimes you’ve got to take it back to the basics like putting a fart cushion on someone’s chair, tapping someone on the shoulder and hiding, or offering marathon runners high gives and pulling away at the last second. Honestly I’m surprised the runners had the heart to carry on running after getting owned so harrd. If that kid trolled me like that I’d just quit running and go get some pizza.

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