This ‘Lad Entertainer’ Physically Abusing His Girlfriend As A ‘Joke’ Is Going Viral (VIDEO)

Top bellend.

The internet is filled with bellends, let’s be honest. For every funny video we watch, there are 20 shit ones that aren’t funny but the guy in it is begging for the attention. Like this prick.

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This Australian ‘entertainer’ called Shammi has gone viral recently with a video of him being a complete dickhead to his missus. She’s a hot glamour model and he is clearly punching above his weight as it is.

The video has divided opinion. Some ‘lads’ think it’s funny (when we say lads, we mean ‘cunts’), but most people think he’s crossed the line. I side with the viewpoint that he’s a colossal tosspiece.

Check out the video for yourself:

His girlfriend, Ms Reay-Young, posted on her Facebook saying:

Such a gentleman isn’t he, thanks bae, love you. It’s all fun and games people… besides wait until its his turn, pay backs a bitch, love you babe.


Hopefully she will get him back in style, like this woman did.


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