Guy Pranks His Girlfriend By Saying He Had An Affair; She Pranks Him Back By Faking Her Death

Man Pranks Woman With Affair; Woman Pranks Man With Suicide

The best kinds of prank videos are when the pranker ends up getting pranked.

There’s no better prank than pranking the guy who thinks he’s pranking you and getting them twice as hard as they’re pranking you. That’s exactly what happens in this prank video, and it completely rules.

The prank pretty much goes down like you expect it to, but it’s executed to perfection and the guy who thinks he’s doing the prank is so earth shatteringly distraught it really is something else. The look on his face at the end when he realises he’s been pranked has to be one of the best reactions I’ve ever seen to a prank. Flawless.

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