This Kid’s Message In A Bottle Was Not What He Was Expecting


Dreams = crushed.

When you’re young, finding a message in a bottle can mean a number of things. Maybe it’s a pirate leaving a treasure map or a woman sending a romantic message across the oceans to her one true love.

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One thing you don’t expect is to get a message from the ‘Sesh Gremlins’, declaring their love of cocaine. Nevertheless that’s exactly what happened to this young kid after he found the bottle on Hayling Beach, Hampshire.

His dad decided to film the special moment and let’s just say, it wasn’t what he expected:

Ah, so nice to see such a special moment shared between a father and son. Seriously though, they both took it pretty well. I would love to see what Dan and Dan got up to after their massive sesh. Hopefully they see this video and feel comforted that their important message made its way to the shore.

For more on messages, did you know ISIS have resorted to using homing pigeons to deliver messages to their operatives? Desperate times.


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