ISIS Are Now Using Homing Pigeons To Deliver Messages To Their Operatives

ISIS have officially gone low-tech.

A Jordanian border official said at a news conference this week that ISIS militants are now using homing pigeons to deliver messages to operatives outside its so-called caliphate.

Brigadier General Saber al-Mahayreh says Jordanian troops captured one of the pigeons sent by ISIS fighters in Iraq to a person in Jordan with a letter addressed to him.

The jihadists tied a letter with a phone number to the foot of the bird, which was flying to a Jordanian resident.

ISIS leaders are increasingly worried about having their communications intercepted by the US-led coalition.


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Bloody ISIS. One minute they have a sophisticated communication system that makes the rest of the world nervous and the next they’re sending messages via homing pigeon. I can’t make heads or tails of it. Maybe it’s an intentional move to confuse all their enemies? Or maybe they’re just going low-tech because they know how awesome the West is at intercepting foreign intelligence. Hard to say for sure. Whatever the case, must be bloody hard to train these pigeons to actually deliver the messages.

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