This Is The Horrific Real Footage Of WWE Legends Dying In The Ring


When WWE becomes far too real.

WWE stars are essentially performers rather than fighters. They put on a show and make it look like they’re fighting each other into oblivion, but I think it’s obvious that these moves are pre-determined stunts rather than actual physical punch-ups.

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However, every now and then, they can go too far and actually cause serious injuries and in some tragic cases, even death. Here’s a few of the times WWE became far too real:

Perro Aguayo, Jr

Mexican wrestler Perro Aguayo, Jr was killed after suffering a terrible neck injury during a match with Rey Mysterio and Xtreme Tiger alongside Manik.

During the match in 2015, Perro died after Mysterio drop-kicked him onto the ropes, giving him severe whiplash. The footage is pretty brutal – you can see Perro hanging from the ropes as his fellow fighters continue the match, unaware that their friend had died.

Owen Hart

This wrestler was supposed to be making a heroic entrance to a game back in 1999. He was held from a harness 78ft in the air, but as he was being lowered, the rope went loose and Hart fell do his death. This became one of the most tragic moments in WWE history. Savage stuff.

Moondog Spot

Moondog Spot, real name Larry Booker, sadly died of a heart attack while fighting at Jerry Lawler’s birthday bash. He was filmed falling to the ground and struggling to stand in the ring. As is often the case in these incidents, the crowd and fellow fighters thought it was part of the act and they carried on for some time before someone came to his rescue. Unfortunately it was too late to save him.

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