Shane McMahon Returned To WWE Raw Last Night And It Was Immense

Shane McMahon showed up on RAW last night in one of the most shocking WWE returns in history.

We’ve been waiting for this day for what feels like 10 years or something, but finally Shane McMahon made his return to WWE and finally things have got interesting again which is just as well considering Wrestlemania is round the corner.

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If you watched the Attitude Era growing up then you loved Shane. He was the billionaire company owner’s son who got to be a wrestler and pull off some of the most insane stunts in WWE history. He did an elbow drop off the Titantron, got annihilated by Kurt Angle and went through a few tables in his time.

He’s been gone so long that people just stopped asking when he’d come back. He went over to China and became a CEO of some company there and everyone just thought he was done with wrestling.

It just made his return that much sicker:

Not only that but he’s wrestling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania… WTF?

Well Shane’s 46 years old now so I doubt we’ll see him falling off the cage or anything like that, but you just know the guy has one more match left in him. He’s a McMahon and they’re not scared of doing anything. The match with Taker in front of 100,000 people in Texas is going to be insane.

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