This Dude’s Jeremy Kyle Tattoo Is By Far The Biggest Mistake Made In 2016


Worse than Trump.

This year has seen a lot of dumb events go down – Brexit, Trump and of course Harambe. But it looks like 25-year-old Jamie Everall has topped it by getting the worst tattoo imaginable. Jeremy Kyle on his butt cheek.

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Apparently Jamie decided to have the presenter inked on his butt for the “banter” despite his girlfriend telling him not to.

The portrait shows Jeremy with a mad look in his eye and the words, “the lie detector results are in,” and, “guess what sunshine,” underneath.


Absolutely horrific. Apparently Jamie’s girlfriend has come round to the idea of it now, as he said:

I said I was going out for a few hours, and got it done. I got home and said, ‘here, have a look at that.’ She said ‘Oh my God!’ and I thought she was going to kick off, but she saw the funny side.


Look at that face – that is the face of a man who would get Jeremy Kyle tattooed on his butt for the sheer banter of it. Textbook.

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