Jeremy Kyle Guest ‘Branded’ His 39 Lovers With Face Tattoos To Keep Them Faithful


“I just get pissed up and get my tattoo gun out.”

An amateur tattoo artist who appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show claims he has branded his girlfriend “like Heinz beans” in order to put off other men asking her out.

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23-year-old Ryan ‘Wibbo’ Wibberley inked his name onto Kourtney Leigh’s eyebrows, an act he says he has practiced on 38 of his other lovers. Sounds like a heard of cattle.


His current squeeze has the words ‘Wibbo’ and ‘Ryan’ permanently inked above both eyebrows – definitely not going to regret that move in about two months time. The dad-of-three Wibberley said:

I just get pissed up and I get my tattoo gun out. It’s a laugh.

I’ve branded her [Leigh] like Heinz beans.

Ryan says she also has his name tattooed in three other places, but she covers them up when she goes out. I dread to think.


On the plus side, Wibberley admitted to having Leigh’s name tattooed on his own body, so at least the act was reciprocated. You never know – they might end up living happily ever after. If they do, hopefully they release the wedding photos. Just for shits and giggles.

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