This Dude With No Arms Can’t Get A Home Because He’s Unable Give Fingerprints


Some people just can’t catch a break.

Ever been in a scenario that totally sucks and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it? I bet it’s not as bad as this guy. Presenting, the mother of all shit situations – Wu Jianping, the armless man who the bank won’t allow a loan due to his inability to provide a fingerprint.

No seriously.

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On November 14th 2016, Wu – who lost his both his arms after receiving a severe electrical shock at the age of 5 – applied for a housing-loan from various banks, all of whom couldn’t accept his application due to lack of fingerprint.

The 25-year-old lives a perfectly normal life in Zhengzhou, Henan province and is able to write his signature using his mouth. That’s a party trick I’m betting none of you reading could pull off. However, the banks stated that without a fingerprint, contracts with only a signature wouldn’t be secure or legally binding.


The incident has caught the attention of the whole-hearted online community and accused the banks of being ableist (someone who discriminates against disability). They have pointed out that, due to the circumstances, it would be unreasonable to demand a fingerprint. Many situational genius’ even had the idea of providing a footprint. After a quick Google search, I can confirm that a footprint is as unique as an individual’s fingerprint. (You learn something new every day, right?)

In response, many of the banks have withdrawn their previous decision. Too little too late though! Reports claim that Wu was successfully granted a loan from the Zhengzhou’s housing management bureau, stating that a special path for those with special needs is available.

No worries Wu. It was just an ‘armless mistake.

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