This Woman With No Arms Is Selling Completely Rank Sexual Favours On Craigslist

Armless Woman

You have got to see this to believe it.

Ok, I’m going to begin this one by saying that this could quite easily be fake (and probably is), but the fact is it’s just too bizarre and rank to not consider sharing with you.

It’s a post off Craigslist from a woman who apparently has no arms – although to be fair she could just be really good at putting them behind her back – and wants to give people on Craigslist blow jobs for $50 a pop. I suppose if you’re into that thing it’s a pretty good deal, but the listing really is something else. You’ve really got to see this to believe it:

Armless BJ Craigslist

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I mean people are into doing all kinds of weird shit in order to achieve sexual gratification so there probably is a market for this kind of shit, but having said that the advert is pretty full on isn’t it? And she should probably be charging more really because it’s a very niche service.

Either way, it’s kind of made me feel sick to be honest and turned me off blow jobs. At least for the time being – I’m sure I’ll be back.


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