This Dude Sleeps With His Pet Snake As He Is Convinced It Is His Dead Girlfriend



It must be absolutely heratwrenching when your girlfriend/wife dies, but there’s probably only one way to deal with it and that’s just to get your head down and try and get through it, one day at a time.

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It’s probably not the best way to deal with it to project your dead girlfriend’s personality onto that of your pet snake and end up marrying it, but that’s what Warranan Sarasalin from Kanchanaburi in Thailand has chosen to do. He now spends most of his time with the ten foot cobra, including having picnics, going to the gym, and playing board games and watching TV together. Completely weird right?




Sarasalin believes in the Buddhist theory that people are reincarnated into animals when they die and is convinced that his girlfriend – who died five years ago – was reimagined as a snake. Apparently Sarasalin does everything with the snake, including sleeping, and is convinced that ‘true love is true love’. Hey, whatever works for you I suppose. He looks pretty happy in these pics so I can’t really give him shit about it.

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