Woman Plans To Marry Dog After Ex-Husband Dies; Ex-Husband Was A Cat

Man Plans To Marry Dog

It’s good to know it hasn’t taken her too long to get over her husband’s death.

A 41 year old woman named Dominique Lesbirel has been in mourning after her 19 year old cat Doerack – who also doubled up as her husband for eight years – had to be put down due to kidney failure.

It wasn’t all bad news though as despite the proximity of his death, Dominique has already found love again with her dog Travis. She feels that it’s too early for them to get married at this point, but she hopes that when she gets over Doerack’s death that she can once again walk down the aisle with one of her pets.

Dominique herself is actually an ordained minister and carries out the marriage ceremonies herself. She’s also more than willing to do the same for other people – providing of course that she interviews them beforehand and is truly convinced that they love their pets.

I suppose that’s great to know for any of us that were worried that she was just going around marrying people to their pets willy nilly without any consideration for anyone involved’s feelings. Really good to know – if you ignore the fact that getting married to your pet is a completely and utterly weird thing for anyone to want to do in the first place.

Here’s a few words of wisdom from the woman herself:

Domenique & Doerack

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I’m happy to conduct same sex marriages, or to let people marry more than one pet. I only marry domestic animals, though. In some parts of the world, you hear of people keeping lions and tigers as pets — I wouldn’t marry people to them.

I also need to be sure they truly love and respect their pet.

I had people emailing me telling me I was cruel. They said I was basically promoting animal cruelty. Some were horrified and thought I was condoning bestiality, which was awful and certainly not the case.

I would never condone such terrible acts of cruelty to animals. My site is all about making a commitment to pets to show your dedication to them and promise that you will always look after them.

We’d be lost without those happy little faces at our windows, so I’ll do anything I can to remind people to treat animals with love, kindness and respect.

That’s why I’m planning to marry Travis. He’s given me so much happiness and unconditional love. I just want to celebrate that bond.

Well I suppose it’s something that she doesn’t appear to be condoning bestiality, at least on the surface of it. Surely if you loved an animal you would want to get it on with it, just like this guy did?

It seems kind of slack that she isn’t willing to marry people to tigers and lions etc though – isn’t this 2015 where same sex marriage is finally legal? Shouldn’t animals be getting the same rights in the kind of climate? We can only hope things get more progressive in the future.


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