Thief Tries To Steal Dude’s Bike, Comes Face To Face With A Gang Of Cyclists (VIDEO)

This guy has some serious cheek.

Cyclists aren’t typically the most likeable people you’ll encounter in life, but that doesn’t mean you want to see them get bashed off their bikes and robbed, does it?

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Luckily, this guy over in Portugal had his cyclist mates close-by when he nearly had his bicycle jacked. Here’s his story (translated from Portuguese):

I had just left the shop with a test bike on the way to the mountain bike ride organized by the PSP (Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna – ISCPSI) and this “artist” tried to steal my bike for the first time without success, Avoid me when he tried to grab my arm.

He got into the bus that was coming to the stop next to me and went ahead the next before I went, making the second robbery attempt (here I was filming as I approached the event and intended to capture the first Pictures upon arrival).

As I got the first dodge, this second approach was more intense and without a chance to escape I preferred to go straight to the “artist” at all gas because I was willing to give him (with) the bike of good will! Wounded in hand gave up the feat and as the karma is (F …) sandwiched continued to walk towards the event organized by the police and ended up handcuffed.

Being an “already known” person and after knowing part of his history told by the police officers of the squadron I decided not to file a complaint to avoid hassles that probably would not go anywhere and only recorded the event as a safeguard.

Thanks to the people who helped!

What an absolute loser. Imagine some bum literally trying to wrestle you off your bike while you’re riding it in the middle of the road… twice according to that description. He got off fairly lightly, all things considered.

Indeed, it could have been much worse for the thief if he had tried this in Brazil (NSFW).


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