These Two Australian Guys Pretended To Be Professional Golfers To Enter A Tournament In North Korea


What a pair of absolute jokers.

When it comes to pulling off pranks, I think most of us would probably be too scared to even try one on our boss our our headmaster, but these two Australian guys showed absolutely no fear in deciding to prank North Korea.

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In what can only be described as absolutely ridiculous behaviour 28 year old Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay decided to indulge in, as whilst away on a polo trip they decided to pretend to be professional golfers in order to enter the North Korean invitational. Balls of steel.

The news report below tell you everything that went down:

What a pair of absolute jokers. I can believe that North Korean officials fell for this, but I can’t believe that it was so easy for them to go in and out and they weren’t punished or in serious trouble for the prank given the reputation of the country. I’m also kind of surprised they even hold an international golf tournament too as I can’t imagine too many people would be interested in attending it.

Still fair play to these lads for one of the blags of the century if it’s true. Can’t really beat fooling one of the most dangerous countries in the world into letting you enter their big golf tournament can you.

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