Man Hosts Charity Golf Tournament For Kids With Cancer; Brings Strippers And Prostitutes


“Yes, I organised a golf tournament that had cute girls in bikinis serving drinks.”

I’m sure that most people reading this can probably agree that as far as charities go, raising money for children with cancer is definitely a noble cause – although some people are bound to disagree with the way that 45 year old Dennis Daugherty decided to go about it. Of course, that’s also if the proceeds from his event were even going to children with cancer in the first place.

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The story goes a little like this: Daugherty thought that it would be a good idea to organise a charity golf tournament in Columbia, Illinois that he claimed was in aid for the Make A Wish Foundation. However, the organisation distanced themselves from he event before it even took place and have downright condemned it when they found out what was actually going on.

According to golfers and witnesses at the event, Daugherty had hired hookers to flash their breasts and take part in live sex acts as part of the tournament. Some were even performing sex acts for money and apparently a bunch of lewd photographs were given to a local news channel too (seen below). One woman claimed that Daugherty had instructed her to find rich, horny men to take part  in the event.

As you might expect even though this sounds way better than a regular golf tournament Daugherty has been arrested on deception charges as the Make A Wish Foundation have categorically denied any association with the event. Daugherty has defended himself with the following statement:


Yes, I organised a golf tournament that had cute girls in bikinis serving drinks.

Originally, it was to support Make-A-Wish but I didn’t fill out the proper paperwork so they asked me not to use their name.

I agreed to make a personal donation with any extra money. There were a few girls that got out of hand and the media got a hold of the pictures.

It was in poor taste of me to mix the two but it happened. I only had GOOD intentions with this event.

I am truly sorry to all my family and friends that this may cause embarrassment.

I mean I don’t know what to believe here. I suppose it’s possible that a 45 year old man might think it’s a good idea to organise a golf tournament with strippers in aid of a children’s cancer, but is it really that possible, or is it more likely that he’s just a crook trying to swindle people out of money and hoping nobody notices? Probably the latter. Here’s a tip if he’s reading: you should probably not draw so much attention to yourself by even getting the strippers involved in the first place dude.

In any case, if you want to check out a real golf tournament, here’s Justin Timberlake getting slapped in the face at one.


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