These Images From The ‘1994 Scientology Handbook’ Will Fuck With Your Head


As you’d expect, the ‘1994 Scientology Handbook’ is a completely fucked up collection of musings from this cult-like religion. This hardcover book (which is available on Amazon, if any of you are interested) features over 700 utterly bizarre visual aids to help Scientology newcomers along their spiritual journey. Here’s a quote from one of its many happy customers:

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If Scientology had a Bible, this would be it. It is a workable set of actions, concepts and suggestions to living a better life.

Did you read that? If Scientology had a Bible, this would be it. Just keep that in mind while you’re looking through these images. This is the holy book of Scientology… as in, people actually find inspiration and education from it. Here goes:

scientology-handbook-13 scientology-handbook-14 scientology-handbook-12 scientology-handbook-11 scientology-handbook-10 scientology-handbook-8 scientology-handbook-7 scientology-handbook-9 scientology-handbook-6 scientology-handbook-5 scientology-handbook-4 scientology-handbook-3 scientology-handbook-2 scientology-handbook-1 scientology-handbook

Yeah, if you ever needed convincing that Scientologists are a bunch of loons, this would do the trick. Having said that, no one really needs persuading – I think that’s common knowledge by now.

We should all follow Russia’s action and ban Scientology for not being a legitimate religion. They know the score.


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