Theresa May’s A ‘Liar’ Song Reaches Top Ten In The Charts

Smash hit.

A song that calls Theresa May a liar has reached the Top 10 in the iTunes download chart.

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I’m hoping that its burgeoning popularity is evidence of what to expect in the upcoming general election (I think we all know what the obvious choice is).

The song itself has been performed and produced by the band Captain Ska, and although it isn’t particularly good from a musical sense, it certainly has a good message and aim. It’s been promoted by the organisation the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, and reportedly the proceeds will be going towards helping the children she’s left in poverty. Check it:

“Cut the rich, not the poor,” is probably the most important message in the song.

With this in mind, it’s not long to go now until the election – whatever you do, make your vote count.


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