The World’s First Underwater Band ‘AquaSonic’ Sounds Creepy AF


Bobbing along.

Danish band ‘AquaSonic’ are the world’s first underwater music band and they are set to perform their first show in Rotterdam, the Netherlands later this month.

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Apparently they have experimented with what is known as ‘subaquatic music’ for ten years and now they are finally ready to perform live. The band consists of singer and composer Laila Skovmand as well as Robert Karlsson and five musicians and singers. They all play submerged in individual 1600 litre tanks with their own custom-made underwater instruments.

On the run-up to their first show, Skovmand says:

It’s wild, it’s been a long trip.

I will be lying at the bottom of a tank and singing, using a technique I came up with myself.

The technique involves creating an air bubble in her mouth and singing through it, which she discovered by submerging her mouth in a kitchen bowl filled with water. So wild.

The end result of all of this effort and preparation is truly mind-blowing – surely this is going to create an entirely new genre of music. Music of the elements. Check it out below:

Stunning isn’t it? And also creepy as hell. I just don’t get how they can hold their breath for so long – they must have to keep all the songs incredibly brief.

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