Is This The Most Disturbing Music Video On YouTube?

This bizarre music video gives us a horrifying glimpse into the weird side of Youtube.

Thanks to the Internet, I’ve been fairly desensitised to most disturbing content I may unintentionally stumble upon, until I decided to watch Walls Fall Out. To sum it up, it’s like the worst of 4chan in one 3 minute video. It’s a mash-up of weird, sick images that will make your jaw drop and has some of the creepiest animation I’ve ever seen – with a bizarre soundtrack to match.

The song was made by a fictional Internet celebrity who goes by the name of Cheryl Merkowski – who seems to get stranger the more you read about her. I worry about whoever created the video though. Put it this way, they had to work on this for hours perfecting every minor detail and I can barely stomach one minute of viewing. It’s one of those things that’s so horrible yet you can’t look away. I wouldn’t recommend reading the lyrics either. One positive thing I will say about the video is, it’s definitely original. No sane person could come up with this nightmare.

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Be warned, this clip may haunt you for a bit after viewing. Unless you’re completely twisted and enjoy this sick kind of humour. Such as a prolapse fountain. Enjoy.

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