The Sexual Politics of J-Pop

Sexual Politics Of J Pop

What does Minami Minegishi shaving her head really say about Japanese society? Pretty much that yeah, it’s definitely mental.

For a country with the third largest economy in the world and a population of 125 million, why the fuck then, is it only ranked 101 out of 135 nations, in terms of gender equality? Because of shit like this, in which a young girl — who isn’t even that fit anyway – is made to shave her head and remove her most obvious marker of femininity as ‘an act of penance’. Which I guess I should add is usually used to show that you want a fresh start, but in extreme cases to separate oneself from the mainstream world and to apologise from the bottom of your soul.

Ironically, before this happened she was most well known for the song ‘わたしはわたし’(I Am Me), but it’s pretty clear she’s just another corporate robot who’s not given any individuality at all. After her trip to Alan Shearer’s hairdresser however, one thing’s for sure — I for one, definitely wouldn’t bang her now.

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