The Rock Band Disturbed Are Now Beefing With Beyonce


This is kind of justified to be fair.

I’m sure that many people reading this have had that dream of being a professional musician, and the absolute pinnacle of that would probably be getting nominated for a Grammy award.

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Now imagine that you’re nominated for a Grammy and you find out that you’re up against Beyonce in the same category. You’re probably not going to be too pleased and that’s exactly how the lead singer of Disturbed David Dramian is feeling.

Disturbed were nominated for a Grammy in the category of ‘Best Rock Performance’ for their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound Of Silence’ and they’ve found themselves up agains Twenty One Pilots, Alabama Shakes, David Bowie and Beyonce for her track ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ off Lemonade with Jack White. David Dramian clearly wasn’t happy about this and when speaking to Billboard said the following:

Is it strange [to be up against Beyonce]?

I think the reason you asked the question is because it is. It definitely stands out — like, one of these things is not like the other, you know? But what are you going to do?

I have mad respect for all the artists in this category. Including and especially Jack White.

Ooof, throwing a bit of shade there by specifically mentioning Jack White and not Beyonce eh? He doesn’t sound too happy about the situation at all does he?

In fairness I would probably be a bit mad about this as well, but I don’t think Dramian can really complain that much when he’s been nominated for a song he didn’t write that he didn’t even play in a particularly rocky fashion. I guess he wasn’t going to get nominated for Down With The Sickness though was he so fair play to him.

Still, even despite the limitations of the track, Disturbed have more right to be there than Beyonce so you gotta give Dramian props for speaking out. Not sure why he’s even bothering though, seems pretty obvious Bowie is going to walk out winner on the sympathy vote.

For more Disturbed, check out this guy performing Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood in the style of the band. Probably better than the original.


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