Someone Has Performed Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood In The Style Of Disturbed

Taylor Swift Bad Blood Disturbed

This is so good it could actually be a Disturbed song. Not that that is a good thing of course.

Ok let me make this clear before we start: nobody really like Disturbed, except for maybe shouting ‘OOH WAH A WAH’ at your mates at a metal club night, yet somehow they’re still going and selling loads of records. They’re kind of like Nickelback in that respect: two comedy rock bands that everyone you know seems to laugh at but are still inexplicably touring massive venues worldwide. I just don’t get it.

Anyway, this video is firmly tongue in cheek and is actually incredibly hilarious – it’s of that guy who always does the songs in different styles (and pulls it off incredibly) on YouTube Anthony Vincent and he’s recorded Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood in the style of Disturbed. Needless to say he’s absolutely nailed it and this could probably be a new Disturbed song if we didn’t know better. Check it out below:

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Wow – that’s pretty bonecrunchingly intense huh? Is it as good as Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow singing ‘Smelly Cat’ live together though?


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