The New Hardcore Henry Trailer Makes It Look Like The Best Action Movie Ever

Hardcore Henry

It’s shot completely in the first person and even the trailer has some absolutely unbelievable stunts.

Ages and ages ago we featured a trailer to a first person shoot em up live action movie that was actually really good (re: not like that stupid bit in the Doom movie) and looked like it could literally be the best action movie ever.

Fast forward about three years and the finished product is finally coming out in the guise of this movie called Hardcore Henry. It follows the story of the protagonist (you) who wakes up remembering nothing only to find out that he’s now a super tough cyborg and his wife has been kidnapped and it’s up to you to get her back by killing pretty much everyone in the world.

So yeah, the plot isn’t much but it’s supposed to be a live action video game so you can’t really expect too much can you? In any case, the film isn’t really about the plot, it’s about loads of live action set pieces with loads of explosions and shooting one after the other, and if the trailer is anything to go by then it’s not going to disappoint at all.

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See? That looks absolutely crazy and it looks like there are at least 10 different crazy action scenes (re: levels) in the movie which means it should be thoroughly entertaining when it drops on April 8th.

Not long to go. Now all we’re waiting for is the official video game adaptation. Check out the most disturbing video game ever in the meantime.


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