The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Just Got Murdered In An Arm-Wrestling Match By A Dude Half His Size

Well that’s disappointing.

Any time we’ve seen The Mountain outside of crushing people’s skulls through their eye balls in Game of Thrones, he’s been dominating strongman competitions and lifting like a million KG over his head like it’s nothing.

Looks like his kryptonite is arm-wrestling Canadian dudes who are half the size of him. Definitely don’t want Cersei to catch you slipping like this bro:

One thing I don’t get is the guy dropping to the floor and putting all that extra weight on before beating him. Are you allowed to do that in arm-wrestling competitions? No one seemed to call it out so I guess you can.

I’m just grateful no one suffered any NSFL injuries like the last arm-wrestling contest we featured in June.


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