Watch The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Retain Europe’s Strongest Man Title

The Mountain Game Of Thrones

Once again The Mountain shows everyone who’s boss.

It’s not joke that The Mountain from Game Of Thrones is absolutely hench in real life – the man whose real name is Hafthor Bjornsson won Europe’s strongest man last year and retained the crown again this year, beating off any and all competitors in a bunch of dumb strongman events. 

The guy even managed to get a personal best with a 450KG deadlift. He basically isn’t messing around and if anyone hopes to be Europe’s strongest man, they had better hit the weights 24/7 until next year’s competition. Of course, he might not even be competing next year if he takes up Vince McMahon’s offer to join the WWE.

You can see a selection of his best lifts from the competition below.

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