This Is How You Get Massive Lips Without Paying For Fillers


Trout pout.

Comedian Jose Rivas has been dubbed the ‘male answer to Kylie Jenner’ after he uploaded the below video of himself with insanely huge lips.

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But all is not what it seems – he didn’t go out and spend hundreds of pounds on lip fillers to look like that. Nope, it turns out that you can get the same look as the Kardashians simply by getting stung multiple times by wasps.

Apparently the comedian from Texas, U.S. ran into a wasp nest while searching for his keys outside of his house. He suffered two stings on his lips as well as one on his ear, causing his upper lip to swell up, Jenner style. Ouch.

See ladies? Next time you’re thinking about expensive surgery, just go in search of a wasp nest instead. Far more natural and much easier on the wallet. Two birds with one sting.

Just make sure you don’t come across any of those drunk, unemployed wasps. Heard they’re pure savage.


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