Swarms Of ‘Unemployed And Drunk’ Wasps With A Mean Sting Are Hitting The UK

Drunk wasp

Cover your drinks.

UK residents have been warned to be vigilant about swarms of ‘jobless and drunk’ German wasps that are on their way to Britain.

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Pest control chiefs have announced that the German wasps, called yellowjackets, give a much nastier sting than the common wasp and are more likely to attack unprovoked.

But how can wasps be ‘jobless’ I hear you ask? Well apparently the worker wasps, which are bigger than regular ones, have now finished supplying their queens with nectar. And now that the queens have finished laying their eggs and have left the nest, these wasps are officially unemployed.

So what do people do when they don’t have a job? Get pissed of course. Around this time of year, as the UK is going through a summer heatwave, wasps eat fermented fruit, which causes them to be tipsy and consequently pretty darn aggy.

Angry wasps

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Pest control firm Cleankill Environmental Services has warned people to be extra wary of the German wasps, which can sting repeatedly, particular while having picnics or barbecues. Boss Paul Bates said they are at their, “most aggressive and dangerous,” at the moment. He added:

The type of wasp causing most problems is the German wasp, which gives a particularly painful sting despite its size.

Worker wasps have finished their life’s work as queen wasps have stopped laying and don’t need food bringing to them.

This means that the workers are free to go out and enjoy themselves which includes stealing meat from the barbecue.

yellowjacket wasp

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There will also be drunk wasps around who have been feasting on fermented fruit and will be extra bold.

All this means is that the wasps are likely to sting for no reason and they are now at their most dangerous.

The advice is to stay calm around the wasps. If you agitate them, they send messages to other wasps that they are under attack and you can end up dealing with a swarm.

Savage – I was already scared enough of wasps as it is, but now I’ve got to watch out for drunk, aggy, German wasps too. I’m just going to stay indoors for the remainder of summer I think.

Not only do we have to worry about these bastards, but we’ve also got to watch out for angry seagulls that are high on cocaine.


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