The Madness Of Modern Religion #1: Saudi Religious Police

Saudi Arabia’s religious police are a proper horror show.


Saudi Arabia Religious Police - Riyadh Drinking Lashes

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The CPVPV is all about dishing out physical pain and publicly embarrassing its victims. The backwards nation of Saudi has no interest in human rights, so it’s no surprise that punishments are overly harsh. Floggings are regular and sometimes run into thousands rather than hundreds of lashes. Documentary evidence, however, is fairly sparse because if you’re caught filming punishment you can guess what’s coming to you.

According to the source of the clip below, the man was being whipped as a sex offender, but there’s no way of knowing what had gone on.

The punishment in this case is obviously not brutal enough to leave permanent damage. It seems that the point is to humiliate as much as it is to physically hurt. Although, as we’ll see a little later, some of their punishment methods are slightly more lethal.

Another of the Saudi religious police’s punishments of choice is “Falaka” where they beat the soles of prisoner’s feet. This following clip seems to have been taken in a prison setting, but the origin is unclear:

The Moroccan woman pictured below received 90 lashes after being arrested for offering herself as a prostitute in Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia Religious Police - 90 lashes

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Basically. You don’t want to get caught doing anything wrong by the CPVPV. Especially not witchcraft…

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