The Girl Who Live-Streamed Her Friend Being Raped Tried To Blame Social Media For Her Actions



Remember that complete and utter scumbag who used the popular live-streaming app Periscope to broadcast her so-called ‘friend’ being raped? 

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Well she’s back, and she’s got probably the worst justification imaginable for her twisted actions.

18-year-old Marina Lonina says she decided to film the sexual assault because her obsession with social media had her:

…caught up in the likes.

Oh give over, don’t try and make out that you’re a slave to the social media culture. She and her rapist accomplice, Raymond Gates – who make no mistake, is an equally disgusting excuse for a human being – have both unbelievably pleaded not guilty to charges of rape and kidnap. Despite there being clear video footage and tonnes of witness accounts from those who saw the live-stream to vouch for the victim.

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The police first learned of the rape when a friend of the girl who saw the broadcast contacted them. Lonina then had the cheek to tell officers she’d filmed the incident to help the girl.

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Prosecutor Ron O’Brien argues, however, that Lonina can clearly be heard “giggling and laughing” in the background of the video footage:

I have never seen a case such as this where you would actually live stream a sexual assault. Based on the video that I saw, it didn’t appear for the most part of it that she was attempting to help the victim.

She is also said to have asked her followers:

What should I do now?

…after the rape, which her lawyer reckons meant she was asking how she should help the victim. Sorry pal, not buying it.

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O’Brien countered this by explaining the need for greater awareness of smart phone etiquette in incidents like this (because that’s obviously the problem here):

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People need to know and understand that the use of a smartphone to video events can constitute serious felony crimes.

They should think twice before they use their smartphones to either photograph or video anything that’s of a sexual nature.

Here’s another wild idea – how about just don’t fucking rape people and then film it. Seriously.

Despite Lonina’s lawyer describing her stance as, “categorically denying the accusations” – again; blatant video evidence, you massive bell-end – she faces up to 40 years in prison if found guilty.

Gates and his camera-wielding accomplice have been charged with offences including rape and kidnapping. While Lonina is also charged with further accounts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance.

Good luck in prison both of you. From the bottom of my heart, I hope it’s a suitably unpleasant experience.

The important thing to take from cases like this is that it’s not only men who can be guilty of rape crimes. Kind of like that time three women raped a guy to harvest his sperm.



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