A Hitchhiker Was Raped By Three Women So His Sperm Could Be Harvested

Be careful.

Over in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, three women are being hunted by police after they picked up a hitchhiker and raped him in order to steal his sperm.

The women – who were driving a white Toyota Cresta, pictured below – picked up the man after they saw him with his thumb out and thought that everything was normal, until they suddenly changed route without warning. They then drove him to a car park in a semi-rural area where they parked up and took it in turns to sexually assault him.

One of them used a condom whilst the other two didn’t, but sperm from all three of his ejaculations was captured by the women, who then dumped him and sped off into the night, to do whatever you do when you’ve just stolen a dude’s sperm. Apparently it’s used in a juju ritual, whatever the heck that is.

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Toyoya Cresta

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If you’re wondering how it’s possible for a man to have sex three times against his will, then the women threatened him with knives and guns, and in case that wasn’t enough they were also given a sexual stimulant to make sure they could get their dicks up. Absolutely ruthless.

So yeah basically be careful if you plan on hitchhiking anywhere soon, especially if it’s in Zimbabwe. If you’re in Indonesia though, check out how you can make money by being a professional hitchhiker.


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