These Plastic £5 Notes Are Selling For Insane Amounts Of Money

That’s a lot of fivers for a fiver.

Ever since the new plastic £5 notes have been released in the UK, they have become a valuable collectors item, particularly those with low serial numbers as these are the first in the printing run.

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However, there’s one in particular that is selling for an insane amount of money – the plastic fiver with ‘AK47’ on the serial number. So if you have one, put it up for bids now as it’s currently going for £65,000 on eBay.


Seller Gareth Wright put his one up on the auction site last week and since then it has sparked an insane bidding war. Lucky bastard. Apparently he only went to withdraw a tenner from a cash machine, but when he was presented with two fivers, one of which had an AK47 on it, he decided to keep hold of the note as he remembered seeing others selling for huge amounts online.

After putting it up for sale, Wright said that his phone “did not stop vibrating all night”. At first he thought that it was a prank as the bids were jumping from £1,000 to £6,000, from £10,000 to £50,000 and then £50,000 to £60,000. However, eBay have insisted that it’s legitimate and have said:


Where we believe there is unhelpful bidding activity we will take an active role in monitoring the sale for the seller.

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What a lucky fucker. So yeah, if you find any interesting looking plastic £5 notes – even just the ones with AA01 serial numbers – then put it up for sale ASAP while collectors are still trying to get their hands on them.

I wonder if anyone ever made money from the new Australian $5 notes? Probably not – they looked like shit.


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