Major Newspaper Runs Article With Inappropriate And Offensive Photobomb

Cleveland Photobomb Featured

When you have a bunch of solid pictures from an ice hockey match it’s kinda unfortunate when you choose one with a guy making an obscene gesture in it. Whoopsie.

Cleveland Photobomb Featured

OK so maybe calling the Columbus Dispatch a major newspaper is slightly exaggerating things, but it must be a pretty big deal because Columbus is a pretty big city in Ohio even though it isn’t really famous for anything except possibly being the team that Birmingham bought Stern John from and being about an hour away from Cleveland. It might not be a national newspaper or the New York Times but you know it’s probably still a pretty big deal and has a bunch of people working for it and decent circulation. So that makes it even funnier that they ran a picture like the one above on the main page of their sports section, even though there were a bunch of other shots that they could have used.

Can’t see what the fuss is about? Take a closer look, or if you really need it spelled out for you than check out the image below:

Columbus Photobomb

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LOL huh? If anyone cares about the game it was between the Columbus Red Jackets (really crappy name for a baseball team huh?) and they were playing the Detroit Red Wings at home and the sport is ice hockey, just in case you were unsure about that. The score of the game was 4-3 to Detroit so I guess that was why that dude in the crowd was making that OBSCENE gesture. I’m not sure where the game was played either, but I guess it doesn’t really matter does. it.

Anyway the picture got pulled so only people in Columbus who got an early run of the newspaper got to see it. Oh wait, the internet exists so everyone in the whole world saw it. Hehehehehe. Sucks to be you Columbus Dispatch.

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