Ballerz Get Schooled By A Couple Of Mormon Missionaries

Mormon Missionaries USA

These two Mormon Missionaries decided to let off some steam by whooping this crew of Ballerz.

Mormons. They get a pretty hard time these days if I’m being honest.

Their sacred text, ‘The Book of Mormon’, as you all know is the subject of a multi-award winning musical written by South Park’s Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Taking the Michael when it comes to Mormonism won these guys a Grammy Award. People are literally queuing around the block — week in, week out — to hopefully catch a glimpse of this Mormon ripping fest. Thing is, are the Mormons just supposed to just kick back and take it? I mean, imagine if people started taking the piss out of The Bile and Quran using musical satire on Broadway — would it be a concept worthy of a Grammy nomination?


The Book of Mormon

These two Mormon Missionaries are putting an end to the submissiveness of their cultural group. In this video they take on some back yard Ballerz and really show how they get down. Just dunking for fun, they prove they’re a force to be reckoned with.

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