‘The Conjuring’ Is Mentally Disturbing

The Conjuring Hanging

If you’re looking for a film that will seriously mess with your head, The Conjuring is it.

Before paying to see ‘The Conjuring’ I told myself that if I didn’t feel mentally disturbed in some way after leaving the cinema, then I’d been ripped off… Not everyone understands the point of parting with cash in return for being scared shitless, and that’s fine. But if you are one of those people I suggest you give this story of demonic possession a miss.

The Conjuring Exorcism

A family of seven move into a house only to find that the place is riddled with evil entities. At 3:07am — every night — the entities amp up their level of interference with the family by a process described in the film as, “infestation, oppression, possession”. Soon enough this results in some seriously strange goings on as you can imagine…

Infestation, Oppression, Possession

As horror films go there’s nothing new with the plot but ‘The Conjuring’ is based on a true account of a family called the Perrons and their experiences of life in a Rhode Island farmhouse. Census records reveal that the house has hosted two suicides by hanging, one suicide by poison, the rape and murder of a young girl, two drownings, the death of four men who froze to death, along with a number of other tragic losses of life. If anywhere is going to be haunted it’s this place.

The Conjuring House

Director James Wan built up a relationship with the Perrons and they agreed to get involved with the film. Worryingly they say that for the most part ‘The Conjuring’ sticks more or less to the real story of what happened to them in the farmhouse. The film’s trailer below features sobering statements from the real family. It’ll either make you want to check it out even more, or run a mile.

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