This Movie Shows You The Truth About How Bad ‘Healthy’ Foods Actually Are

If you think a muesli bar is ‘healthy’ you’re a complete moron.

You know how major food manufacturers don’t give a fuck about anyone’s health, and they’re only interested in making shit boxes full of cash? Yeah. That.

That Sugar Film is a new documentary, kind of like Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, but backwards. Australian fella – Damon Gameau – has got a baby on the way. So he decided to investigate the role of hidden added sugar in people’s diets in a bid to improve the future diet of his unborn child (and make some sweet cash too).

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He didn’t go mental and just slam down ice cream, cookies and chocolate for 24 hours a day. It was more subtle and worrying than that. He only ate sugar in the form of normal, healthy types of foods, like yoghurts and muesli bars.

Basically, he ate food that didn’t look unhealthy; just the sort of stuff that you’d probably give to your child without even thinking about it. The problem is, companies add sugar to stuff in maddening amounts, and they sort of don’t tell you about it.

To be honest though, my skeptical brain kicked in when I read this:

Gameau’s doctor told him he had already begun to develop fatty liver disease — the most severe of outcomes of which is liver failure. The physician also branded his level of mental functioning “unstable”.

I thought to myself “Hmmm… how convenient. He tried a weird diet, then his doctor told him he was fucked and going to die. GOOD WAY TO SELL YOUR FILM BUDDY!”

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And I’m probably right to a certain extent. BUT, he seems like he really wants to change the way people see sugar and the hidden things in their diet. So I’m going to let him off.

Gameau does have a good point too. You can’t complain if you get diabetes and you’ve been eating eight cakes a day. That’s just asking for trouble. Like no one was surprised that Morgan Spurlock started getting sick when he ate McDonalds constantly. That’s a no brainer. Macky D’s is the dietary equivalent of Satan.

But if you are eating things like muesli bars and you end up with liver disease, that’s a kick in the balls.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

It looks like it might be a pretty interesting film, and let’s be honest, everyone likes a bit of drama where a doctor tells someone they’re going to die. That’s TV gold.

The film also boasts appearances from Stephen Fry, Isabel Lucas and Brenton Thwaites, and tunes from Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel and Florence and the Machine. So it’s probs worth a go.

Gameua is on a one man mission to raise awareness about the hidden sugars in foods that are perceived as healthy. I wish him the best of luck. Unfortunately though, most people don’t really give a fuck about their health, and worse still, massive corporations couldn’t give a flying fuck either. So good luck with that one. I mean, maybe one day companies won’t be allowed to knowingly poison the world and its occupants. But that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

Money makes money. Health is irrelevant as far as big business is concerned. Good luck everyone. Eat vegetables… and bacon.


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