It Looks Like ‘Thank You For Smoking’ Is Getting The TV Series Treatment

Thank you for smoking

Another remake to add to the list.

The past several years have seen a plethora of classic movies either being remade with a modern twist or being transformed into a TV series, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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The latest movie to get the TV treatment is the satirical comedy ‘Thank You For Smoking’. The plot follows Nick Naylor, a businessman working in the tobacco industry, who has trouble balancing his duties defending the dangerous smoking industry with those of being a good role model to his son.

With regards to the TV adaptation, unlike your standard drawn out story structure, Keshet Studios is actually hoping to adapt Jason Reitman’s 2005 movie into an anthology series that will see each season look at a different current issue. So for instance the first season is looking to tackle the issue of gun control with the working title ‘Thank You For Shooting’. Sounds interesting. Hopefully this goes ahead and gets the greenlight as it definitely seems like it has the potential to be an impactful series.

For more adaptations, did you know that ‘The Departed’ is getting remade into a TV series? That could go either way.


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