Texas Partygoers Are No Longer Worried About Coronavirus, As Long As They Can Party

Sweet deal.

Over in Texas last weekend, bars and clubs reopened as long as they kept to 25% of their capacity and practiced social distancing, although obviously nowhere actually bothered adhering to these rules even slightly.

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Several videos of packed bars appeared on social media of people seemingly attending the bars only to shit on everyone else who was there with them, and a local Houston news station also decided to interview a few people who were out having a great time about what they thought about Coronavirus. Here’s a couple of the best ones:

Lol. Really seems like nobody has learned anything from the last time we were advised to not go out and social distance and something like 150,000 people ended up dead in the UK and the US. Probably shouldn’t really be lolling about that considering there’s the potential for a much more deadly second wave to appear in the not too distant future, but I suppose if we can all go out for a few weeks we should probably make the most of that, right? You decided I guess.

For more of the same, here’s footage of an absolutely nuts pool party in the Ozarks from the weekend. Geez.


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