This Footage From A Pool Party In The Ozarks Over Memorial Day Weekend Is Absolutely Insane

Looks like the pandemic is over.

It was a bank holiday weekend over here in the UK, and it looks like a bunch of us all headed to the park to hang out with our friends whilst hopefully observing social distancing rules, but over in the US it seems as though people just decided the pandemic was now over and went out and partied their asses off like it was going out of style.

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This has all come to light because of the following footage from the Ozarks which shows a raucous pool party in full swing at the Redhead Lakeside Grill and Yacht Club in Osage Beach. I mean if you saw this footage there’s literally no way that you would know that we’re still in a global pandemic, would you?

Jesus. People really do not give a shit do they?

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office explained that they couldn’t really do anything about it and shut it down because social distancing guidelines were now only guidelines. Here’s the full statement:

The health regulations and orders from the commission expired when the state opened back up.

Of course the state has social distancing guidelines but it doesn’t seem everyone is following it very well here.

Great! I mean I’m sure it’s possible that the pandemic might die out and none of this will matter, but given how things have gone down over the past couple of months, it seems more than likely that it’s going to rear its ugly head again if events like this become the norm. Stay sensible if you can.

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