Elon Musk Wipes $13 Billion Off Tesla’s Value With One Tweet


Elon Musk has proven time and time again that he doesn’t really give a shit about anyone and just does whatever he wants, so it’s no surprise that he would do something like write a tweet that would wipe $13 billion off the value of his own company – he’s just that kind of guy.

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Here’s what he decided to write on his personal Twitter account on Friday:

Not really sure what he’s talking about there, but it does sound like he’s unhinged a bit doesn’t it? Just kinda what you come to expect from the you these days though isn’t it.

Anyway, not sure what his intentions were from sending tweets like that, but Tesla’s share price plunged by 10% pretty soon after they were posted. This meant that $13 billion was wiped off it and that $3 billion was wiped off the value of his own personal fortune as well.

Most people would probably be pretty upset/concerned about that but I doubt Elon even cared that much because he’s worth $38 billion anyway. It’s alright for some isn’t it?

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